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We make your ideas come true

Born as manufacturer of support-pieces for industrial sewing machines and accessories for packaging, Officine Taiocchi has developed a brand new sector from the '80: the small and medium scale production of quality metal carpentry 

The team of technicians provides the most advanced technologies as well as their own experience. We implemented information sharing systems that allow real-time dialogue between technicians and customers and especially between technicians and the production department by transferring the job scheduling directly to the machines and checking the progress of the activity in real time

This integrated production process, constantly monitored, allows a careful quality control of the products for which we guarantee a high quality standard. Quality, efficiency and service are the added value that we offer to customers who share this work philosophy with us.


Customers become our partners. Over the last years the evolution of the relationships with some customers has become a partnership itself. The collaboration starts from the very first step: the machine design.


We have over half a century of experience

Precision and Quality

We work with very high precision. Our production process offers all the required best quality standards.


We develop customised projects enriched with our experience

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LT8.20 laser tube cutting system allows users to choose their preferred laser source, loader/unloader style, and positioning of peripheral equipment to maximize floor space.


The ever-increasing demand for quality in finishes and workmanship has led us to include in the machining process a machine that takes away...


In order to stay focused on the design, in addition to the functionality, we have included a new 4-roller Calandra semi-automatic...

Laser cutting

Automatic Laser Cutting Machines allow us to work even in unattended shifts, and thus we can improve machine utilization and get a steady...

Bending cell

Our latest generation bending machines are synchronised
and managed by the latest generation of CNC....


In our welding department we carry out different types of welding: MIG-MAG, TIG, projection welding, welding with automatic machines, robotised welding.

Painting process

The painting cycle takes place in a continuous process. The details to be painted are hung on the transport chain in order to meet all the steps foreseen in the proper times in their path.


One of the last steps in the service offered Officine Fratelli Taiocchi Spa takes place in the assembly department...


The good financial health of the company, due to careful management over the years, allows us to have a ready-made raw material stock...

The company nowaday

The Officine Fratelli Taiocchi SpA were born from the idea of Germano and Giuseppe Taiocchi far in 1958. As all the companies of those days we started working in the home garage and we expand more and more. From that moment on, there was an evolution of the work and size till nowadays with the current dimension.


Via F.lli Bandiera 34

24048 Curnasco di Treviolo (Bg) ITALY


tel. +39 035 691666

fax +39 035 693192


tel. +39 035 691307

fax +39 035 693192

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