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One of the last steps in the service offered Officine Fratelli Taiocchi Spa takes place in the assembly department Working diligently in all of the departments is to no avail if we err during assembly, or if we scratch a piece, or if pieces are missing in the supply..The operators assemble and package following a parts list and well-defined work cycles. Our products travel around the world and we cannot afford to forget even a single part. MachineFindings We have automatic and semi automatic machines that allow us to prepare installation kits for the products we ship.


All threads are re-tapped to be free of paint and machining waste. The product must be of high quality.


More and more often we are asked to perform packaging and the preassembly operations that facilitate our customers' future process phases. We have acquired the equipment and studied and created a protocol of steps where we assemble the parts we produce, those that customers delivers us for third-party assembly, or those we purchase on the markets when specified by the customer.


This too is part of the service that we offer in synch with our customer who instructs us in the initial phases and who delegates part of his work to us in order to receive a finished product.

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