A new identity for Officine Fratelli Taiocchi

4 December 2023


2023 brought a significant change in our history: the rebranding of Officine Fratelli Taiocchi. This project has been an exciting opportunity to reflect on our identity, renew our image, and reaffirm our commitment to the future.

At the heart of our rebranding is the new logo, a symbol that reflects the soul of Officine Fratelli Taiocchi. It encapsulates a reference to tradition, materials, and technique, but above all, an orientation towards the future. The clean and modern design reflects our dedication to innovation and quality, values that have guided us since our foundation.

With the rebranding, our website has also been renewed to provide a more intuitive and engaging experience. A fresh and dynamic interface, designed to make navigation smoother and more effective. The sections dedicated to departments and our products are the main focus, clarifying from the start what we are involved in. The user experience is enriched by short representative videos that immerse viewers in the company’s reality, emphasizing machinery technology but above all, the human element—the true added value of Officine Fratelli Taiocchi. The intertwining of knowledge and experiences, of listening and sharing, is what enriches our work.

Rebranding is not just an aesthetic matter but represents the evolution of our vision. We are committed to maintaining the core values that have made us a benchmark in the metal carpentry sector, but at the same time, we embrace change and innovation. This renewal allows us to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of our clients and stay abreast of the latest market trends.

The uniform with the new logo of Officine Fratelli Taiocchi.

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