One of the final stages of the service offered by Officine Fratelli Taiocchi Spa is carried out in the assembly department.
The operators assemble and package according to well-defined procedures, ensuring to provide undamaged products complete with all pieces.


Often, requests are made for packaging and pre-assemblies that facilitate the client’s future work stages. We have established protocols for stages where we internally carry out assemblies of specific products, either provided by the customer or purchased from the market. This is also part of the service we offer, in line with the client’s instructions during the initial stages, delegating part of their work to us in order to receive the finished product.

4 December 2023


A new identity for Officine Fratelli Taiocchi

17 November 2023


Officine Fratelli Taiocchi, employees awarded a prize of over 200 thousand euros.

22 October 2023


61st Recognition for Work and Economic Progress