61st Recognition for Work and Economic Progress

22 October 2023


On Sunday, October 22nd, the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo awarded the prestigious “61st Recognition for Work and Economic Progress” to 78 outstanding entrepreneurs and employees operating in the province. The medal award ceremony took place in Daste, a moment of strong identity for the Bergamo community, deeply connected to the world of work.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce, Carlo Mazzoleni, emphasized that this recognition is a tribute to the commitment, professionalism, and efforts of individuals and companies that, despite current challenges, contribute to the extraordinary well-being of the territory.

Among this year’s awardees, there are also four employees from Officine Fratelli Taiocchi: Liliana Benedetti, Sergio Benedetti, Roberto Carneto, and Ivano Masper.

Before the medal ceremony, Vice Mayor Sergio Gandi and Don Cristiano Re, episcopal delegate for social life, addressed the audience. Gandi highlighted the importance of work as a support for families and as a means to confer dignity to the individual, praising the humility of the entrepreneurs. Don Cristiano Re emphasized the importance of progress contributing to human growth and encouraged the awardees to be a living testimony of collaborative, engaged work that is necessary for the new generations.

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