Shaping ideas into metal

It is the motto that encapsulates the company’s mission for over 60 years: we become partners with our clients, supporting them throughout the entire process, from the design phase to the final product.

The goal is to meet the needs and expectations of customers by transforming their ideas into reality.

In the design phase, we collaborate with clients to understand their needs, translating them into tangible design concepts. In the production phase, the technical skills of our personnel and state-of-the-art machinery come into play, ensuring the highest quality of the product.


Building a relationship based on listening and dialogue is the starting point for understanding the needs of our clients. The commitment also extends to internal collaborators, promoting a mindset focused on sharing, inclusivity, and well-being.


Always oriented towards innovation, we invest our know-how with a perspective of continuous improvement. We aim to be an active part of change, using cutting-edge technologies that enhance the efficiency, sustainability, and quality of our products and services.


From process automation to the digitization of services, we invest in technological solutions that allow us to be responsive and flexible in the face of new challenges.


Germano and Giuseppe Taiocchi founded the Officine Fratelli Taiocchi.


Officine Fratelli Taiocchi expands and relocates its headquarters from Valverde to Curnasco di Treviolo (BG).


Officine Fratelli Taiocchi becomes a Joint-Stock Company.


A new in-line powder coating plant is introduced, complete with washing tunnel, drying oven, electrostatic cabins, and curing oven.


The first Trumatic 235 CNC punching machine is introduced.


The first synchronized bending press, Colgar, is introduced.


Always sensitive to environmental issues, Officine Fratelli Taiocchi installs a chemical-physical plant that handles the recirculation of processing water and treats 2300 m3 of water annually.


The first Trumpf TCL 3030 CO2 laser cutting machine is introduced.


Automation of the sheet metal warehouse to make internal organization more efficient.


Installation of a photovoltaic system consisting of approximately 3000 panels with a power of 700 kW, significantly reducing environmental impact by avoiding 8 million kg of CO2 emissions.


The TruBend Cell 5000 automatic bending cell is introduced.


The Wagner SuperCube coating booth is introduced.


The new Trumpf 5040 Fiber laser cutting machine is introduced.


The innovative laser tube cutting machine LT 8.2 by BLM Adige is being introduced.


A new department dedicated to stainless steel processing is being inaugurated.

We are committed to actively contribute to the well-being of our planet through eco-friendly and responsible practices.


In 2011, we installed a photovoltaic system equipped with approximately 3000 panels with a total power of 700 kWh, enabling us to reduce our environmental footprint and generate clean, renewable energy.

Purified water

Since the late ’80s, we have been responsibly managing water resources through a system of processing water recirculation. At the end of the process, these waters are treated and returned purified to the environment.

Inverter compressor

The use of an inverter compressor allows for precise monitoring of load variations on the compressor, reducing or eliminating idle times (typical of constant flow compressors), thereby enhancing energy efficiency.

Innovation is one of the founding values of our company.

The optimization of the production process through the use of state-of-the-art machines and robots, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, high-precision laser cutting technologies, and advanced assembly methodologies enables the creation of complex and customized products.

All these elements, combined with the experience of our collaborators and customer consultation starting from the design of the machine framework, allow us to meet the needs of various sectors: medical, food, industrial, bookbinding, quality control, tooling, leather goods, and sewing

Quality Control

Quality control is an essential process that ensures products or services meet established standards. We rely on defined criteria and sophisticated evaluation tools aimed at identifying and correcting any defects, ensuring customer satisfaction.


We invest in the training of our employees, promoting a corporate culture that is open to new challenges and continuous innovation.

We believe in the value of training as a catalyst for developing skills aligned with technological advancements, for creating a stimulating work environment, and for enhancing the engagement and satisfaction of our employees.

The human component within a company is the fundamental differentiating element in achieving objectives. At Officine Fratelli Taiocchi, we believe in the importance of connecting with our collaborators through a relationship based on listening and sharing. Valuing each individual’s knowledge and experiences involves teamwork towards a common vision.

The managers. From left to right: Elio Taiocchi, Dario Taiocchi and Paolo Borace.

The technical office, comprised of specialized technicians with years of experience, has 16 CAD workstations (8 Think Design and 8 Inventor). Our complete transparency and collaboration with most of our clients enable us to offer our experience for the optimization and industrialization of products, starting from the initial phases of machinery design.

Administrative Office and Purchasing Office.

From left to right: Planning, Production, and Quality Managers.

4 December 2023


A new identity for Officine Fratelli Taiocchi

17 November 2023


Officine Fratelli Taiocchi, employees awarded a prize of over 200 thousand euros.

22 October 2023


61st Recognition for Work and Economic Progress

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