Laser Cutting

We have Laser Cutting machines with a power range from 2700W to 4000W, ensuring consistent cutting quality across the entire surface of the sheet metal.

The working area of the machines extends to 4000x2000mm.

The automated Laser Cutting cells enable operation even during unattended shifts, achieving a more consistent production flow and optimizing production times. Additionally, they are equipped with loaders/unloaders that retrieve material from the automated sheet metal warehouse and, once processed, deposit it in a storage warehouse available for subsequent operations.

ModelTechnologyField of workMax thickness carbon steelMax thickness stainless steelMax thickness aluminum
5040FIBER 4000W2000x4000252010

Adige LT8.20 Laser System

Source4 kW Fiber
Cutting Head3D Tube Cutter BLM GROUP
Loading 1 (front/rear)Bundle/step-by-step/single bar
Loading 2 (front/rear)Bundle/step-by-step/single bar
Compact LoaderMotorized chains
Minimum Loadable Length2.5 m
Maximum Loadable Length6.5 m
Beam Loading Capacity5,000 kg
Three programmable positions, rear conveyor belt, and motorized front and rear collection benches.
Unloading Length4.5 m


We have warehouses, including automated ones, designed to optimize management efficiency, operations, and facilitate the flow of goods.

4 December 2023


A new identity for Officine Fratelli Taiocchi

17 November 2023


Officine Fratelli Taiocchi, employees awarded a prize of over 200 thousand euros.

22 October 2023


61st Recognition for Work and Economic Progress