Welding robot for MIG-MAG welding of large-sized articles.

The ongoing market demand for large-sized components produced with the same precision we have always provided and guaranteed for the parts produced up to now, has driven us to invest in a state-of-the-art robotic MIG-MAG welding system.

The cell commissioned to a leading supplier in the industry consists of a Kawasaki anthropomorphic robot with a cable arm featuring six movement axes. Additionally, there are seven more axes integrated into indexed positioners, making the system particularly flexible and effective for any type of product.

A rotating orbital positioner with two interpolated loading/unloading stations allows us to weld pieces with a length of up to 2500mm and a maximum rotatable diameter of 1700mm.

A second interpolated rotating positioner allows us to weld components with a length of up to 5000mm and a maximum rotatable diameter of 2000mm.

The pulsed MIG-MAG arc generator TPS500/I Pulse Fronius enables high-quality welds on any thickness with precise control over the set parameters for each bead.

As a complement to the system, a tactile sensor has also been installed. Where necessary, the robot can use this sensor to perform a ‘joint search’ before starting the welding bead, ensuring the perfect success of the welding process.

4 December 2023


A new identity for Officine Fratelli Taiocchi

17 November 2023


Officine Fratelli Taiocchi, employees awarded a prize of over 200 thousand euros.

22 October 2023


61st Recognition for Work and Economic Progress