Officine Fratelli Taiocchi, employees awarded a prize of over 200 thousand euros.

17 November 2023


The production bonus for the staff at Officine Fratelli Taiocchi S.p.A in 2022 exceeded 200.000 euros, with an average value of approximately 2,963 euros gross for each individual among the seventy employees. This significant achievement is part of a corporate renewal context initiated at the beginning of the year, embracing a series of crucial areas for the company’s growth.

«We are working on many crucial fronts for our development», explains Dario Taiocchi, CEO of the company. «In addition to the production bonus, we have initiated a renewal process that involves all areas of the company: process improvement, sustainability, personnel management, and a complete overhaul of the corporate image.»

«We have decided to give a new visual identity to our company», continues Taiocchi. «Our logo now represents our commitment to design and quality work. The concept of ‘workshop’ is no longer sufficient to define our scope, and we have also decided to abandon the term ‘fratelli’ (brothers), considering the evolution of our company.»

From left to right: Elio Taiocchi, Daniela Taiocchi, Paolo Borace, and Dario Taiocchi.

Paolo Borace, General Manager, adds: «Diversity is a fundamental value for us. We have employees from over ten different countries, and it is important to promote the meeting and sharing of diverse cultures. The recent barbecue was a perfect moment to do so.»

«During the event,» continues Borace, «we played musical pieces representative of each country of our collaborators. It was a moment of great appreciation and sharing.»

Elio Taiocchi, Director of Research, Development, and Purchasing, emphasizes the importance of technological innovation: «We are constantly updating our equipment and investing in advanced industrial solutions. This is what makes our metalworking so strong in the industry.»

«Sustainability is an integral part of our work,» concludes Taiocchi. «We have invested in environmental projects such as the photovoltaic system and the water purification system, and we are proud of these contributions.»

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